Four Tips To Help You Get A Durable Custom Finish When You Remodel Your Basement

If you want to add space to your home, the basement is a great place to start. It is also a great place in your home for unique design features, especially if you are going to add entertainment areas, such as theaters or a home game room. This is also an area of your home where you will want to use more resistant materials. Here are some tips to help you make your basement finishing project unique with durable materials:

1. Installing A Drainage Systems To Deal With Basement Moisture Problems

Drainage in your basement is very important. You need to have exterior, as well as interior drainage systems. If you do not have an interior drainage system, you may want to consider having one installed. This is because it will not only help with basement flooding, but can also deal with moisture that gets into your basement naturally due to things like condensation.

2. Leveling Concrete Floors That Are Rough And Full Of Bumps

If you still have raw concrete floors that were made when your home was built, these are often out of level and full of bumps. To deal with this problem, you may need to use a floor leveling compound, which is a special mortar mix used to level floors, as well as add slopes for drains. This can be good if you want to have slopes near foundation drainage systems.

3. Laying Out The Floor Plan To Meet Your Needs And Building Codes

The floor plan is also an important part of finishing your basement. You will want to have a floor plan that meets all your needs, as well as that is up to modern building standards. This means that you will have to consider things like egress if you plan on adding any bedrooms to your basement.

4. Choosing The Best Finish Materials For A Durable Basement

There is also the choice of finish materials that you can use in your basement. When you do the finish work in your basement, you will want to use durable materials. Consider things like flooring and wall coverings that are water resistant and will not be damaged by moisture that is often found in the basements of homes.

These are some tips to help you make your finished basement look different. If you need help remodeling your basement, contact a concrete repair contractor like S&W Concrete to get help repairing your foundation before you begin finishing your basement.