2 Signs You Should Have Part Of Your Driveway Removed And Replaced

Did you know that you can hire a concrete cutting company to remove damaged parts of your driveway? Then, a concrete paving company can pour new concrete in the area. This is a great way to make a damaged driveway look like new again, and you don't have to pay for an entire repaving project. These are a few signs that you should have part of your driveway removed and replaced. 

1. You Notice Cracks or Crumbling

Over time, it's not abnormal for your driveway to start developing cracks and crumbles. There are several things that can cause this problem:

  • Roots or plants growing underneath the concrete and pushing the concrete
  • The sun can cause the concrete to become brittle over time and can cause crumbling
  • Sharp items -- like lawn furniture -- can put excessive pressure on your driveway and can cause cracks
  • Putting uneven weight on your concrete driveway, such as parking your car in the same place every day rather than switching it up and moving it around, can cause the concrete to become uneven and can result in cracks

With all of these problems, you can remove the damaged concrete by hiring a concrete cutting company. Then, you can take care of the problem if there is one -- such as by doing something about the tree roots -- and can have more concrete poured in its place.

2. You Can't Get Rid of Stains

If you have stains on your driveway, you might have spent a lot of time scrubbing at them. Using a degreaser or a mixture of dish soap and water and a deck brush can help you get rid of some stains, but over time, stains can become set-in. This can make it impossible to get rid of them, but there is a solution. A concrete cutting company can cut away the stained part of your driveway so that you can have it replaced. This will make your driveway look a whole lot better than if you had spots and stains everywhere.

Don't assume that you have to have your entire driveway repaved just because it's starting to look outdated or just because there are some issues. Instead, you can hire a concrete cutting company to help you get rid of unsightly or seriously damaged parts of your driveway. Then, you can have new concrete poured in these areas for a fresh, new look for a fraction of the price of a total repaving job.