Unique Flooring Designs With Concrete

Interior designers have been using concrete in commercial buildings for years. It is a perfect medium because it can be molded, tinted and polished to look like many other materials. Homeowners are also looking to concrete to create unique features in their homes, including a variety of flooring styles. Here are some concrete flooring ideas to get you started thinking about how you can use this material to create a unique look in your home.

Dining Room

Regardless of what floor the room is on, concrete pumping services can get the material into any room for you to work with. Create an elegant floor in your dining room with concrete that looks just like marble. The concrete is tinted to match the color of marble you desire. Once poured, swirls of color are added to look like the veins in a piece of marble. The surface is then coated with a clear resin for strength and is polished to high gloss. Your dining room floor looks like it was constructed from a single slab of stone.


Tint the concrete to match the color of your appliances or kitchen cabinets. Before the concrete has set, stencils are used to create a grid pattern that looks like individual tiles were set into the floor. A contrasting stain is then applied on the grid lines to look like grout. A clear resin over the entire floor is applied and polished to a high gloss.


Pour a white concrete floor in the bathroom. Use stencils to create tiny square or hexagonal tiles. A darker wash applied to the floor stains the grid lines to look like grout. Then use stamps with various colored dyes to produce unique patterns on random "tiles". Create strips of these "tiles" that you can attach to the wall above the floor to extend the floor up onto the wall for splash protection.


Create a unique 3D appearance in a long corridor. Pour the concrete floor and tint with the desired color. Position small objects in the concrete before it has completely cured. Examples of some objects you can use are marbles, pieces of colored glass, small stones or shells. The floor is then covered with a thick layer of clear resin and polished to a glass-like shine. The objects will appear to float in the floor, creating a fun conversation piece when you entertain guests.

Decks and Patios

You can also use concrete to create patio and deck surfaces that resemble other materials. The concrete can be tinted to look like wood or natural stone. Using stencils, you can create patterns that look like wooden floor planks or stone flagstones. Contact a business, such as Masterlink Concrete Pumping, for more information.