3 Tips To Keep In Mind When Pumping Concrete In The Winter

Construction doesn't have to stop just because winter has rolled around again. It is possible to keep up most construction activities even when it is really cold outside. If you need to pump some concrete this winter, keep the three tips below in mind to ensure a smooth concrete pumping experience.

#1 Insulate Your Boom Pipeline

Insulation is one of the best ways to fight back against the cold. If you own your own concrete equipment, invest in some foam tubbing to go around your boom pipeline. Cut down the foam tubbing and place it around your boom pipeline, using electrical tape to secure the foam insulation in place.

The foam insulation will help keep your concrete warm as it flows through the boom pipeline. It will prevent the water in the concrete from freezing up and clogging up your lines. Insulating your boom pipeline will help the concrete flow properly to its destination.

#2 Heat Up Your Boom Pipeline

You can also keep the concrete flowing smoothly by heating up your boom pipeline. Use an exhaust stacks from the engine to heat up the pipeline before getting to work. This can be done by putting a heat resistant hose over the exhaust pipe and directing the other end of the hose into the boom pipeline. Make sure that the hopper is open before you do this so the exhaust has somewhere to go.

You only need to do this for a few minutes to warm up the pipeline before you use it for the day. Warming up the pipeline will help keep the cement inside the pipeline nice and warm as well.

#3 Mix With Hot Water

Finally, you can make pouring concrete easier in the winter by mixing with hot water. Use really hot water to mix the concrete up before putting it in the truck for delivery. Make sure that the slurry is also mixed with hot water as well. Mixing the concrete with hot water will raise the temperature of the concrete and help keep the concrete cold for a longer period of time. It will take a lot longer for cold temperatures to freeze your concrete when you mix it with hot water.

Keep your concrete pumping flowing this winter by heating up and insulating your boom pipeline, and mix your concrete with hot water to keep everything warm. By taking these steps, you shouldn't run into problems pouring concrete even on the coldest days of the year.