Give Your Bathroom A New Look By Replacing The Dingy Tile Grout

If the tile in your bathroom shower or floor is old and cracked or discolored, then you may want to have it replaced by a grout contractor. Although grout can be repaired and even have the color changed if it is in bad shape then replacing it could be the best option. Here's a look at how grout is replaced in a tile wall or floor.

The Old Grout Is Removed

Grout can be removed without disturbing the tile. Grout is much softer than tile so that it can be removed with a variety of tools. A contractor will probably use a grout saw or other rotary tool that makes the job go fast. The blade follows the line of grout and breaks it apart. Any pieces left behind can be picked out with a utility knife. This may create quite a bit of dust, so the contractor will probably use a vacuum to collect dust as the job progresses. Removing grout with a power tool goes quickly, and when the grout is gone, the tiles are still in place undisturbed and ready for new grout to be put in the grooves.

The New Grout Is Applied

When you have new grout put in, you can choose from a variety of colors. This can give your bathroom a new look. Applying grout is a fairly easy process, but it is messy. The contractor mixes the grout to a mud-like consistency. Then, the mixture is spread over the lines between the tiles, so the depressions are filled with grout. The top is leveled off, and the grout is pressed into the opening where it will eventually harden. This process leaves grout smeared all over the tiles too, so applying grout is a continual process of cleaning the tiles after putting in more grout.

After the grout has had time to dry, there may be some haze left on your tiles. This can usually be removed by buffing the tiles with a dry cloth until they are clean and shiny again. The final step to applying new grout is to put on a sealer. This can't be done right away as the grout has to dry completely first. When it's time, the sealer is applied along the grout lines so the grout will repel water.

Once the new grout is in place and cured, your bathroom tile will have a new look. You can keep it looking its best by taking good care of the grout. One important tip is to reapply sealer when it is needed. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals, such as bleach, to clean it since the bleach can destroy the sealer. Scrubbing the grout with a vinegar mix or steam cleaning it occasionally helps it to stay clean and free of dirt and mildew stains.

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