Commonly Asked Questions About Concrete

Concrete is an extremely common material that is used for a variety of reasons in construction projects. Despite concrete being a commonly used material, individuals are often not fully informed about their options for concrete surfaces or the types of maintenance requirements concrete will have.

What If You Are Wanting Your Concrete To Be A Specific Color?

The aesthetics of your property is an important attribute that you will want to preserve. When having concrete poured, it can be common for individuals to want to avoid traditional grey concrete for aesthetic purposes. Luckily, there are colored options for concrete that you will be able to utilize. Some individuals may assume that these colors are applied by simply painting the surface of the concrete, but the pigments are actually injected into the wet cement. This ensures that the colors will last for as long as the concrete. Due to the fact that this coloring will be permanent, you should always be extremely thoughtful when it comes to your choice of color as you may need to have the concrete replaced or resurfaced if you wish the change this color in the future.

How Long Does It Take To Have Concrete Poured?

A mistake that is commonly made by individuals is greatly underestimating the amount of time that will be needed for their concrete pouring project to be complete. Often, individuals assume that the concrete will be dry within a matter of hours. While quick dry cement can harden fairly quickly, it is important to provide enough time for the concrete to cure. The curing time for the concrete will mostly depend on the type of concrete that was used as well as its depth and the local climate. This process can take several weeks as the moisture inside the concrete will need to evaporate and escape from the concrete.

Is It Possible To Repair Damaged Concrete?

Concrete is usually chosen as a building material due to its extreme strength and durability. Regardless of these attributes, it can still be possible for the concrete to sustain damage. Once it has been cracked or chipped, it will need to be quickly repaired to prevent the surface from being ruined with cracks that spread across much of the surface. Repairing concrete is not a very difficult task as there are many repair kits that property owners can use for these problems, but speed is essential as moisture can quickly cause the crack in the concrete to worsen and spread.

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