Worried About Erosion: How To Make Your Erosion Control Blanket More Effective

If you're in the middle of a construction project and you're worried about soil erosion, now's the time to take preventative measures to avoid the problem. Soil erosion isn't something that should be taken lightly, especially where construction projects are concerned. One of the best ways to prevent soil erosion is to use erosion blankets. Soil erosion control blankets can be used anywhere that erosion may pose a problem, especially where run-off is a concern. To ensure maximum effectiveness of your erosion control blankets, here are four steps you should follow. 

Ensure Proper Surface Contact

If you're going to use erosion control blankets, the first thing you need to do is make sure that the site is properly prepared. Erosion control blankets won't provide the desired results if the site is not prepared in advance. Before you apply the erosion control blanket, make sure that the surface is cleared of all debris. This should include the removal of loose vegetation, rocks, sticks, and other debris. Once the surface is smooth and free of debris, you can safely install the erosion control blanket. 

Securely Attach Blanket to Surface

If you plan to use erosion control blankets, it's important that you attach them securely to the surface. Failure to secure your erosion control blankets to the surface can result in blanket failure. Unfortunately, if that happens, you're at an increased risk for soil erosion. The best way to secure your erosion control blankets is through the use of metal staples. One of the benefits of metal staples is that they go right through the erosion control blanket, which prevents the blanket from slipping. 

Avoid Use on Areas to be Mowed

If you're going to use erosion control blankets, make sure you consider the type of vegetation that will grow in the area. If you plan to seed over the area, you'll want to choose a seed that won't require mowing. If you try to mow vegetation that's growing through the erosion control blanket, you risk damage to the blanket and the mower. Instead, choose vegetation that can grow wild. 

Provide Routine Site Inspections

Finally, if you plan to use an erosion control blanket, be sure to provide routine inspections of the area. Damage to the blanket can reduce the soil erosion protection. To avoid that, your erosion control blanket should be inspected after each heavy rain. That way, you can take care of issues before you're faced with an erosion problem. Contact an erosion blanket provider for more information regarding options, such as Curlex erosion control blankets.