Benefits Of Concrete Pumping On A Construction Project

You may need to pour concrete when setting the foundation or building pillars during commercial or residential construction projects. In the past, contractors used wheelbarrows for transporting the concrete. However, concrete pumping has become more popular over the years. Here are the pros of hiring a concrete pumping service.

Increased Efficiency

Pouring concrete manually in hard-to-reach areas such as confined spaces and high heights may be challenging. You may experience some delays as you figure out how to access the site you want to pour your concrete successfully. Also, you may need to halt your manual concrete pouring job during bad weather. 

Such delays may cause inconveniences and lower construction project efficiency. Concrete pumping services usually utilize pumps connected to delivery lines that effortlessly access different construction areas. Additionally, you can pump your concrete under any weather. This boosts your construction project's efficiency.

Reduced Site Congestion

If your project requires you to prepare and pour large concrete quantities, you may have many workers on your site that may cause congestion. A congested site can risk the safety of your workers. For instance, the workers may have limited space for movement, increasing the risks of bumping into construction equipment and materials. 

This may result in injuries like cuts or ankle sprains. Such injuries lower the productivity of your workers, resulting in the delay of your project. A concrete pumping service utilizes fewer workers preventing site congestion while protecting your workers' safety.

Reduced Labor costs

You may require many laborers on the construction site to pour concrete using wheelbarrows. Hence, you must pay every laborer for the period they work. Therefore, you may incur high labor expenses, especially if you have a large construction project. In contrast, a concrete pumping service utilizes concrete pumps to pour the concrete to the intended site. This reduces the number of laborers you may require for your project, lowering labor costs significantly.

Reduced Concrete Wastage

The manual transportation of concrete may lead to wastage. For instance, the liquid concrete may spill from the wheelbarrows during transport. This means that you'll use more concrete at the end of your construction project, increasing project costs. Fortunately, a concrete pumping service uses well-connected delivery lines that prevent wastage, saving you the extra cost of buying more concrete.

Concrete pumping services reduce concrete wastage and labor costs, increase project efficiency, and prevent congestion of construction sites. Consider hiring a concrete pumping service to realize these benefits.