Repairing Concrete With Mudjacking

There are many property owners that may not be very informed about the repair options that are available for the various types of issues and problems that their concrete surfaces can experience. More specifically, concrete mudjacking is a repair option that does not always get the attention or consideration that it deserves given the versatility and reliability of this repair solution.

What Are The Types Of Issues That Concrete Mudjacking Will Be Designed To Address?

Concrete surfaces will often develop settling issues that can lead to one section of the concrete being much lower than the other. This can lead to gaps and tripping hazards where the concrete panels meet. When this problem arises, a person may assume that replacing the concrete surface is the only repair solution for making it even again. However, mudjacking can be a viable solution in these situations as it may be able to raise the portion of the concrete that has sunk lower than anticipated into the soil.

How Is The Mudjacking Process Completed?

One advantage of mudjacking is that it can minimize the need for excavation work to be done in the area around the compromised pavement. As a result, this can be a safe solution for repairing these issues without causing problems for the surrounding landscaping. During the mudjacking process, a series of openings will be drilled through the concrete. This will allow a tube to be connected that can spray cement under the slab of concrete. This will allow for the slab to be gradually lifted until it is level with the surrounding concrete panels. Once this process has been completed, the pavement should be avoided until the cement that was injected under it is able to cure.

Will Mudjacking Compromise The Structural Integrity Of The Concrete Surface?

Individuals can be concerned about the risk of the mudjacking process compromising the structural integrity of the pavement. In particular, these individuals may have concerns about the mudjacking process putting additional strain on the pavement, which could cause further cracking. However, it should be noted that mudjacking can actually reduce the strain on the pavement by providing the support that it needs to remain level. While small holes may be drilled through the pavement to allow for the mudjacking process, these openings will be fully closed so that they will not negatively impact the structural integrity of the concrete. As a result, this can be a repair that may help to extend the life of the concrete pavement.

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