Damage Your Driveway After A DIY Firework Show? Get Professional Paving Help

Setting off fireworks in your own front yard can be a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July and any other special occasion during the summer however, it can lead to damage to your driveway if you're not careful. If you set off larger fireworks without the proper precautions, there's a possibility that your driveway will be damaged in the process. While you can certainly cover up the damage by simply parking your car over the hole or burn marks, you're much better off relying on professional help for getting paving restoration work. [Read More]

Repairing Major Rifts In Your Brick Home: How Masonry Contractors Do The Job

Brick homes are some of the sturdiest houses you can build, buy and live in. However, that does not mean that a brick house will not have structural issues at some point. If you find that your brick house has a major rift starting after a hurricane or flood, you will want to get it promptly repaired. Unless you know a lot about bricklaying (and not a lot of homeowners do) you will want to call some masonry contractors. [Read More]

Unique Flooring Designs With Concrete

Interior designers have been using concrete in commercial buildings for years. It is a perfect medium because it can be molded, tinted and polished to look like many other materials. Homeowners are also looking to concrete to create unique features in their homes, including a variety of flooring styles. Here are some concrete flooring ideas to get you started thinking about how you can use this material to create a unique look in your home. [Read More]

Comparing Stamped Concrete And Concrete Pavers

Stamped concrete and concrete pavers are two popular paving options for driveways, walkways, and backyard patios. Though they are made out of concrete, stamped concrete and concrete pavers possess two very distinct set of advantages and disadvantages due to their unique fabrication and installation methods. Understanding the differences between stamped concrete and concrete pavers can help you choose the one that best suits your paving needs. Stamped Concrete Stamped concrete is concrete that is actually poured into place by paving contractors, and represents the traditional method of paving a flat surface. [Read More]