Commonly Asked Questions About Concrete

Concrete is an extremely common material that is used for a variety of reasons in construction projects. Despite concrete being a commonly used material, individuals are often not fully informed about their options for concrete surfaces or the types of maintenance requirements concrete will have. What If You Are Wanting Your Concrete To Be A Specific Color? The aesthetics of your property is an important attribute that you will want to preserve. [Read More]

How To Prepare Different Types Of Concrete For Epoxy Coating

Epoxy is a coating that is applied to concrete floors. Epoxy also seals up the floor and protects it from stains and damage. It is often applied to auto showroom floors, giving them a shiny look. Epoxy can be applied to floors in numerous other settings as well. It is used in residential garages, industrial settings, offices, and healthcare buildings. Before epoxy can be applied to a floor, you have to prepare the concrete. [Read More]

Creating A Metal-Plated Garage Floor: A Step-By-Step Guide

Garage floors take a beating. From oil and grease leaks to frozen ground temperatures and ice, your garage floor goes through a lot. If you want to protect your garage floor, make it easier to keep clean and unstained, and prevent cracks from developing, you can use metal plating with treads in it. Here is how to create this metal-plated garage floor, from start to finish. Purchase Steel Bolts and Stainless Steel Plates/Sheets with Treads [Read More]

Give Your Bathroom A New Look By Replacing The Dingy Tile Grout

If the tile in your bathroom shower or floor is old and cracked or discolored, then you may want to have it replaced by a grout contractor. Although grout can be repaired and even have the color changed if it is in bad shape then replacing it could be the best option. Here's a look at how grout is replaced in a tile wall or floor. The Old Grout Is Removed [Read More]