Restoring And Beautifying Your Concrete Basement Floor

If the concrete floor in your basement is beginning to look old and crack in some places, you can have it restored. During the restoration process, you can improve the overall appearance of the basement by having the new overlay stained. If this is something you are considering, you will find the answers to some of the questions that you may have below.

Does staining concrete cost a lot?

The complete cost of staining the concrete varies, but you should expect to spend around $3 to $7 a square foot. The different types of finishes will play a role in how much the overall cost of the process is. Do you want one solid color? Do you want a marbled finish? The more extravagant the finish, the more it will end up costing you. In fact, you could end up spending as much as $25 a square foot for customized, stunning finishes.

Can all concrete be stained?

Yes – nearly any concrete surface can be stained. The only time you may run into problems is if the concrete has been sealed with a heavy-duty sealant. This won't be an issue if you are staining a fresh overlay in your basement. But, if you choose to stain other areas that have been sealed, the concrete can still be stained once it has been sanded to remove the sealant.

What type of stains do you have to choose from?

You have two basic types of stains to choose from – water-based and acid stains.

Acid stains consist of inorganic materials and salts that are dissolved in water and acid to create the solution that will alter the color of the concrete.  Acid stains create a finish that has various tones and shades.

Water-based stains are just that – water-based solutions that will create a uniform color on your concrete.

Will the stain fade with time?

If done properly, no. The stain will remain and appear the same way ten years from now as it will the day it is finished. Unlike paint, the stain will not chip, peel or crack with time. For high traffic areas, you may need to apply a fresh coat of sealant every few years, but in the basement of your home, this shouldn't need to be done.

Not only will the sealant protect the finish, but it will also help to prevent moisture seepage and damage.

Talk with your local concrete restoration professional about using these techniques to restore your aging concrete basement floor. To find out more, speak with a business like Epoxy Stone Inc.