Your Guide To Buying A Concrete Pump

If you are new to using concrete pumps, it may surprise you to learn that there are actually many different types of pumps available. As such, you can't just buy any pump and expect it to work for you. Instead, you need to consider how often you will use the pump and the specific jobs you will use it for, as well as your budget, in order to select the right pump and pump type to meet your needs. Below, learn about the different types of pumps to find your perfect match!

Line Pumps

Line pumps are one of the most commonly purchased types of pumps. This is mainly because they can be used for a wide range of purposes and are also one of the cheapest types of pumps available.

While these pumps can be used with structural concrete, they can also be used for pumping other materials, such as grout, mortar, and foamed concrete.

These are ball-valve pumps that can be used for making smaller structures, underwater repairs, creating forms, and building bond beams. While not typically employed on the largest jobs and not suitable for high rises purposes, line pumps are great for basic jobs and use.

Separate-Placing Boom Pumps

Boom truck pumps, discussed below, are an excellent option for large-scale jobs. However, because of their large size and their expense, they are not always convenient or practical for many jobs. Fortunately, separate-placing boom pumps go where truck pumps cannot.

They work well with slab pouring and ground-level building, and, when used with a high pedestal, can even be made suitable for mid-level high-rise jobs. The fact that their placement can be altered as needed makes them quite versatile and is their main appeal for buyers who want a single pump that can do many different jobs.

Boom Truck Pumps

As the name implies, boom truck pumps are pumps that are attached to and part of an entire truck pump unit. As you might imagine, they can be quite expensive and are typically only purchased for very large jobs.

Some trucks, however, are smaller than others. There are single-axle truck pumps, for example, that work in smaller spaces or on smaller-scale projects. However, there are also multi-axle pumps that can be used for even the highest-rise building project, providing the truck has the right attachments.

As you can see, pumps range greatly in terms of style, size, and purpose; explore all your options carefully before making this big buying decision! Contact a company like Pumptex Concrete Pumping for more information.