5 Reasons To Choose Concrete For Your New Driveway

If it's time to put in a new driveway, you may be wondering what material to choose. There are many benefits to concrete, which is why it should be at the top of your list.

1. Installation Speed

There's no long wait or multiple days of hard labor when it comes to installing concrete. In most cases, your new driveway can be installed over a single day. The process is relatively simple — the base is dug and compacted and then concrete is poured and leveled. Do keep in mind that it can be a week or more before the concrete cures sufficiently to drive and park on, though.

2. Longevity

A concrete driveway can last many decades if it is installed properly, so you will likely never need to replace it. The key to a long-lasting drive is to ensure the base is built up properly and that the ground is properly graded prior to installation. Steel reinforcement grids, buried inside the concrete, can also increase the longevity and durability of the drive. The quality of the concrete also affects driveway lifespan, so it's best to go with a professional concrete service.

3. Strength

For those that need to park heavy vehicles on their driveway, there is no better option than concrete. Heavy trucks and RVs can leave indents and ruts on softer asphalt, for example, and pavers tend to crack under the weight. Concrete can bear a high weight load, even if that load is concentrated on a small area such as the case with jack stands. Indentations in the paving are simply not an issue.

4. Maintenance Needs

Concrete isn't maintenance-free, but it is relatively low maintenance. Periodic cleaning with a pressure washer or deck brush will keep it looking nice. You can also have the concrete sealed every few years to minimize stains and exposure to damaging chemicals, such as auto fluid leaks. In the rare case that the concrete develops a crack, a prompt bit of patching will prevent it from becoming major damage. 

5. Decorative Options

There's no need to go with a plain gray driveway. Concrete provides the most decorative options when it comes to paving. You can have the concrete tinted nearly any color, or you can have it dyed to a pretty pattern after installation. Concrete stamping adds texture, which can be random or made to look like bricks or cobblestones. You may also opt to have an aggregate layer, consisting of pretty gravel, installed on top of the driveway to improve the appearance and the traction. 

Contact a concrete service if you are ready to install a new concrete driveway to your home.