The Benefits Stamped Concrete Has Over Pavers

If you are looking to create a new driveway, new patio, or new pool surround, you may be looking at the options available to you. If you want something that has style and a pattern to it, you may be looking at pavers or at stamped concrete. Both options can be used to create a stylish surface that has texture and design. As you try to determine which may be a better choice for you, learning about the benefits can help. Here are a few of the benefits that stamped concrete has over pavers. 

Stamped Concrete Is Typically Cheaper 

One of the benefits that stamped concrete has over pavers is the cost. Stamped concrete costs more than regular concrete, as you are paying a concrete professional to stamp the concrete to create an indentation and design. However, despite that, stamped concrete still tends to be cheaper when compared to the average cost of pavers. Pavers all have to be placed by hand, which can increase the installation time and labor costs. 

Stamped Concrete Will Not Shift and Move 

Another benefit that stamped concrete has over pavers is that stamped concrete does not move or shift since it is still a large slab of concrete. Over time, pavers can slide, move or shift, especially after periods of heavy rainfall. This means that you may have to routinely move your pavers back into place, which can be a hassle. Additionally, as the pavers move and shift, they can become a tripping hazard. You never have to worry about this with stamped concrete. 

Stamped Concrete Requires Less Maintenance 

The final benefit associated with stamped concrete is that it requires less care and maintenance than pavers. One of the downsides to pavers is that weeds can grow between the gaps and spaces that separate each paver. You may spend a lot of time pulling weeds. Weeds cannot grow through concrete, which means you do not have to spend time pulling weeds. Additionally, stamped concrete can be cleaned with a pressure cleaner, whereas most paver materials need to be hand cleaned with a scrubbing brush. This increases the amount of time you spend cleaning and caring for pavers. 

Both pavers and stamped concrete can be used to create a new surface. However, stamped concrete has many benefits that pavers do not. Stamped concrete is typically cheaper, does not move or shift like pavers do, and requires less maintenance than pavers. Reach out to a stamped concrete installation company today to learn more about installing stamped concrete or to obtain a quote.