Tips For Ordering Ready-Mix Concrete To Make A Patio

If you want to install a large patio in your backyard, then ordering ready-mix concrete is a must. While you can mix the cement for post holes yourself, mixing enough for a large patio slab doesn't make economical sense and is too much work.

If you've never ordered ready-mix cement, then make sure you keep these tips in mind to ensure your first experience is positive:

Tip: Ensure You Are 100% Ready for Delivery

When the cement mixer arrives on-site, they expect to pump their cement into your forms and leave to go take care of their next job. It is expected that your site will be level, have strong forms in place, and be ready to pour the concrete.

When you are 100% prepared for the truck, ready-mix concrete delivery will go very smoothly and be done within just a few minutes.

Tip: Level and Prepare the Site to Receive the Ready-Mix Delivery

The most important aspect of pouring a patio slab is the preparation of the site. If the site isn't well prepared, then the patio will crack and its longevity will be decreased.

The first step in site preparation is to remove any old concrete, debris, and rocks. Once the ground is clear, then add a layer of gravel and level it. Using gravel allows you to level the site much easier than if you try to level just the dirt. Gravel also provides an excellent substrate for concrete slab stability.

Tip: Build Strong Wood Forms Deep Enough for the Concrete Slab

To turn ready-mix cement into a patio, you need to first build wood forms around the outside perimeter. The forms need to be strong enough to hold back the depth of cement poured. 

You can either build the forms to the exact height of the slab, or you can build them higher. If you choose to build them higher, then mark the insides with a fill line.

Tip: Calculate and Verify the Correct Amount of Ready-Mix Concrete

Finally, make sure you order the appropriate amount of ready-mix concrete. If you order too much, then you've wasted money. Alternatively, if you don't order enough, then you will have to pay extra for an emergency second delivery. 

There are calculators online you can use to figure out how much ready-mix cement to order. Use one to calculate how much you need but then make sure you verify the amount with your chosen concrete contractor when you order.

Contact a local concrete service, such as Diamondback Redi-Mix, to learn more.